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SC-INBRE at Winthrop

Rachel Law

Director, Eagle STEM Scholars Program

 Law, Rachel   Name:  Rachel Law 
Title:  Director, Science Diversity Program; Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry 
B.S., Chemical Engineering, West Virginia University
Executive Leadership Development Program (two years)
Office:  113A Sims Science Building  
Phone:  803/323-4932 
Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Math

Rachel Law was recently named the Director, Eagle STEM Scholars Program, the science diversity program that is part of the five-year INBRE (Internal Network for Biomedical Research Excellence) Grant. The program aims to increase the number of science scholars from underrepresented minority, low income and first generation college students planning to matriculate to Ph.D.’s in biomedical sciences.

Law has been an adjunct instructor at Winthrop since fall 2009 following an extended career in industry. After graduating from West Virginia University with a degree in chemical engineering, Law pursued a career in industry which included the position of director of research for a major chemical corporation. She has been engaged in the academic community in various capacities serving on numerous committees and boards including the Industrial Advisory Committee for the Department of Chemical Engineering at WVU and the Board of Trustees for York Technical College. She has been active in organizations such as NOBCChE and has served as a diversity advocate. Law's awareness of other cultures has been enhanced by her travels to Europe, the far East, Africa, and North America. She was a contributing author to the Wiley-VCH publication Cellulose Acetates: Properties and Applications.