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SC-INBRE at Winthrop

The Calloway Lab

Instrument design and development for atomic and molecular spectrometry

 Hurlbert, Jason   Name:  Cliff Calloway 
Title:  Professor of Chemistry 
Ph.D., Wake Forest University
M.S., Appalachian State University
B.A., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Office:  312B Sims Science Building  
Phone:  803/323-4945 
Analytical Chemistry, Instrument Development for Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy, Atomic and Molecular Spectrometry for Clinical and Environmental Analysis, Technology in the Undergraduate Curriculum
Our research is focused on the development of new or novel chemical analysis instrumentation, including design, fabrication and characterization…with the ultimate goal of advancing chemical analysis in terms of sensitivity, simplicity, data quality, throughput and lower cost. We use and fabricate modular components such as light sources, sample cells, spectrometers, detectors, analog-digital converters and software development to construct novel devices that are applied to problems of chemical, biological, clinical, environmental or industrial significance. Students that conduct research in our lab become knowledgeable about the latest technology used in sophisticated instrumentation and the underlying physical phenomena on which chemical analysis methods are based. Our research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, Department of Homeland Security and Winthrop's NIH-INBRE.

SC-INBRE Research

Instrumental Development of Tungsten Coil Atomizers

The goal of this research is the development of the tungsten coil as an atomizer for atomic emission or absorption spectrometry. Commercial atomizers such as graphite furnaces and inductively coupled plasmas are expensive to operate, requiring large amounts of space, power, cooling water and support gases. Tungsten coils, extracted from commercial projector bulbs, have been shown to be a viable alternative requiring less power, no cooling, minimal support gas, and small size. These characteristics lead to the possibility of smaller and potentially portable atomic spectrometers.

Current Group Members (Summer 2011)

  • Sam Bond
  • Ryan Jakab
  • Justin Talbert
  • Brittany Walker (Wofford)

Past Group Members

  • Karl Baker
  • Rebecca Coppins
  • Jamaal Cox
  • Rachel Crane
  • Jerry Dixon
  • Summer Hanna
  • Meredith Jenkinson
  • Mark Lundy
  • Laquitta Massingill
  • Colin Miller
  • Ronald Nelson
  • Carolyn Quarles
  • Nisheeth Rai
  • Jason Sanders
  • Kevin Washington